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Security Vendor Recruiter (“SVR”) is an innovative solution for young, growing or established businesses to explore more consistent avenues for growth. SVR focuses on supply and demand within the security industry and coordinates connecting businesses with clients. SVR is aware that it can be cumbersome and expensive to find active and qualified vendors, so SVR eases the frustration that naturally arises from traditional methods. SVR is the modern, efficient, and state-of-the-art method of finding potential Vendors and Business Partners in a matter of minutes. In either scenario, valuable time and effort is saved!

SVR offers free job postings for all businesses that comprise and support the industry. Further, SVR values the driving force behind security-focused businesses and their affiliates – the employee! We want to ensure that employees have easy access to jobs that will further their professional development, so they are always welcome to search for jobs at no cost.

Security Vendor Recruiter caters to four distinct categories of subscribers: 

  • “Vendors” who are able to search Clients and Business Partners only.
  • “Master Vendors” who are able to search all subscribers.
  • “Business Partners” who are able to search all subscribers.
  • “Clients” who are able to search all subscribers.
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The Vendor:

Vendors are service providers within the private security industry such as:

  • Security guard and patrol agencies
  • Investigative agencies
  • Security equipment sales, repair and installation companies
  • Home security companies

Vendors have the ability to list their services and search Business Partner and Client profiles.

The Master Vendor:

In addition to searching for Business Partners and Clients, Master Vendors have full access to both list and search for other Vendors in the directory. This option is ideal for vendors who engage in services outside of their base and require the assistance of sub-contractors in different cities or states.

The Business Partner:

Business Partners encompass a myriad of businesses that support the security industry, including but not limited to:

  • Uniform sales and maintenance
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Automobile sales and repairs
  • Management tools, such as time tracking and reporting, payroll services and guard tracking.

The Client:

Simply put, Clients are comprised of any individual, small business or corporation that requires security related services. Clients are able to search Vendors, Master Vendors and Business Partners, while restricting the information that is shared on their profile.