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Immediate access to active local and national private security service providers and affiliates.

SVR is acutely aware of how time consuming and tedious it can be to find the right security service providers. SVR short-circuits this endeavor by eliminating service providers that have gone out of business. Consider the hours and days that would otherwise be dedicated to this process. Time is a precious resource to every business and every business could benefit from redirecting these hours to other areas.

Save time! Quickly and easily limit your search to providers that offer the services you are seeking, thereby eliminating hours of groundwork.

Another significant way in which SVR adds value to your business is by quickly identifying the companies that offer the service(s) you require. Again, valuable time can be saved in this targeted approach as SVR showcases a collection of professionals that specialize in many areas of the industry. Take advantage of collaborating with partners who are experienced and knowledgeable. After all, the focus should be completing your assignment more quickly and dedicating less time in the identification of service providers.

The ability to rate and review service providers according to your experience.

SVR embraces competition in the marketplace. By exercising your ability to constructively rate and review service providers whom you have engaged, you are endorsing businesses that performed well or exposing service providers who have not met their obligation at the highest standard. This encourages healthy competition within the industry resulting in more quality services all around. When everyone contributes to the marketplace, it makes for a more reliable and robust directory.

Benefit from the ratings and reviews of service providers.

Just as others will benefit from your ratings and reviews, you too will benefit from the ratings and reviews provided by other Recruiters and Master Vendors. Avoid pitfalls and make an informed decision before engaging a service provider.

Quickly and easy identify service providers who are interested in sub-contracting opportunities.

SVR was born out of the desire to quickly and efficiently identify service providers who are qualified, capable and willing to engage in sub-contracting opportunities. SVR believes that this can be a vital avenue for growth in the young or established businesses. If your business engages in multi-state or nationwide projects, you are acutely aware of the time and energy dedicated to this endeavor. Consider your current method of undertaking this task. Now consider getting quality results in minutes as subscribers to our directory have already indicated whether they are willing to engage as a sub-contractor. So, skip the cold calling!