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Cost-effective means of targeted advertising that will boost your business and increase revenue.

Listing on SVR is by far the most cost effect means of targeted marketing for your business. SVR provides a competitive platform for businesses, of all sizes, to have equal access to marketing opportunities within the security industry. By leveling the playing field, younger and smaller businesses have improved odds for success.

Simultaneous and immediate exposure to local and national Recruiters.

Listing on SVR immediately provides your business with exposure to Recruiters that surpass your local market. Exposure to a wide network of Recruiters equips your business with more avenues for growth. Moreover, it enables your company to compete for assignments that would otherwise not be available.

Accessibility to potential Recruiters who are already aware of the types of services you provide.

Limit the time it takes for Recruiters to find you! SVR enables you to clearly identify the services that you provide. A Recruiter simply has to select the services they require, and a match is made in seconds.

Verifiable service rating system that will separate your business from the competition.

SVR encourages Recruiters and Master Vendors to review and rate its Vendors and Business Partners based on their experience. This helps both parties in that Vendors and Business Partners benefit from positive reviews and Recruiters and Master Vendors can better assess the the businesses they choose to engage. This system encourages its Vendors and Business Partners to “raise the bar” and outshine competitors.

Valuable networking and exposure to other businesses with whom you can form an alliance.

SVR is a platform that fosters relationships among its subscribers. Businesses can all benefit from collaborating with each other in many ways. Networking with similar businesses in your local or national marketplace offers additional opportunities to fortify the longevity of your business. Associates can recommend you to other customers or simply collaborate with you in completing a project you are unable to tackle on your own.

Benefit from sub-contracting opportunities.

Whether you are a young or existing security agency, your company can benefit from becoming a sub-contractor through a steady flow of assignments which can boost revenue.